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    2016-3-22 8:58:04

    Ji'nan motor maintenance experts before dismantling the motor should first unplug the wire motor and controller, must record the color and color of the lead wire of the motor controller lead to one one correspondence at this time.

    Ji'nan motor maintenance experts said open end cover of the motor should be clean before the site, to prevent debris being sucked into the motor's magnetic steel. Well cover mark and the relative position of the hub, must pay attention

    to the diagonal screw loose, so as to avoid the motor casing deformation.

    Ji'nan motor maintenance expert analysis of radial clearance of the rotor and the stator of the motor is generally between 0.25-0.8mm, after the completion of the demolition motor eliminates motor fault, must be on the original cover

    mark for assembly, which can prevent the two assembly after sweeping phenomenon。

    Ji'nan motor maintenance experts suggest that if we found hub gear oil, gear wheel should be opened, coated with oil; if the gear defect should change gear; if the gear shell bearing damage, should replace the bearings.